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Marriage Registration Office Ahmedabad

Marriage Registration Office Ahmedabad, Even if marriages are made in heaven, they still have to get registered on earth. Until and unless you do not register your marriage it is not valid. If the whole city is also present for your wedding and is eye-witness for the ceremony taking place, still your marriage will be illicit if it is not registered. Even if you have several other proofs, marriage certificate is one such evidence that will affirm that you are officially married. Marriage registration is very important legal procedure in countries like India. Registration of marriage is obligatory in our country irrespective to caste, creed and religion. Marriage registration not only acts as a proof for your marriage but it has various legal benefits too.

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In India marriage can be registered under any of the two marriage Acts, one is Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 for the Hindu community or Special Marriage Act of 1945. Special marriage is applicable for all the citizens of India. This marriage act provides for solemnization of marriage as well as registration by a marriage officer. Every religion has their own marriage acts according to which the couple can register their marriage. Age is the most essential criterion which is considered during marriage registration. The legal age for marriage is 21 for men and for women it is 18.

Marriage Registration Office Ahmedabad.