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Court Marriage Office Ahemdabad

Court Marriage Office Ahemdabad,

Ahmedabad is one the Indian cities to be developed under Smart Cities Mission, which means from its geographical structure to financial and legal authorities every aspect of the city will be going under drastic and vital changes. One such law made mandatory by the Gujarat government is marriage registration in Ahmedabad.

Just like births, deaths, and other legal documents that must be registered under legal rights of Indian citizen, obtaining a marriage certificate in Ahmedabad has become compulsory as well.

According to experts, this step taken by the authorities is essential for a couple to get official statement that proofs their marital statement. And at the same time, collecting citizen data for future reference is easier for registration offices with this mandatory law. Interestingly, this implementation of the law has resulted into increasing marriage registration across the city which is a good sign of growth and responsibility of citizens towards laws.

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Procedures for Applying for Marriage Registration Certificate

Those who want to make registration of marriage must apply to any of the subsequent authority for registration of marriage under the terms of Hindu Marriage Act, 1955:

    • To the Sub registrar Office where the venue of marriage is located.
    • To the Sub registrar office in whose jurisdiction either the wife or husband is residing for at least six months directly prior the date of marriage.

Court Marriage Office Ahemdabad.