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Best Court Marriage Advocate In Noida

Best Court Marriage Advocate In Noida.People has some confusion about the court marriage. Most of the young couple would perform the marriage with own wish. When the parents (Either the parents of the girl or boy) are not giving their consent for the marriage and even gave the warning to the couple, if they do something wrong against the consent of them(parents), then they will not tolerate and took strong action against both of them (boy & girl).

The runaway marriage has some adverse effects like increasing the incidents of honor  killing. Thus it’s more important that those couple performing marriages like that  should  be highly protected. Here we are discussing  about the protection of life and  liberty of a couple who solemnize marriage against the wishes of their parents or who  planning to run from the house for getting the marriage, hence face threat to life.

What are the benefits of hiring an advocate?

When a couple decides to marry without the consent of their parents and other family members, they fear for their life. We all know to what extent these people can go to serve their selfish needs.Advocate in Noida will protect these couples, especially when they are feeling helpless in their own cities.

An advocate will help couples to:

1. Perform the marriage.

2. Obtain the marriage certificate.

3. File protection of life and liberty in the High Court.

4. Obtain the protection order from the High Court.

5. The couple can now live in their area as the police are duty bound to protect suchcouples after the High Court order.

6. Police will not be able to register any false case against them as those can be easily turned down by the High Court.

7. Police will also help to find a way to compromise and patch things up between you and your parents.

Advocate in Noida have huge experience of dealing with of such cases. Advocate in Noida helping the couple to perform the marriage if they want and filling the petition before the High Court Noida for providing the accurate protection of life and liberty.

Best Court Marriage Advocate In Noida.