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Best Court Marriage Advocate In Gurgaon

Best Court Marriage Advocate In Gurgaon.Why its called Court marriage ?

Now here word “Court”  create some  confusion between the people, generally person have a thought that for performing the court marriage a he has to go to the court and facing the judge and his question but this is not a realty. In our legal system,Tahsildar or registrar has power to gave the validity of those marriage which were perform in his presence by a legal document like a Court. That document is valid to declare a couple to as husband and wife all over the world.

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 Marriage Protection

After performing the Marriage if the married couple has some apprehension that somebody (Either the parents of the girl or parents of the boy) hurt them or create threat to their life because they were not agreed for the marriage but still they performed. The married couple can file the petition the Hon’ble High court in Gurgaon for seeking the protection of life and liberty.The Indian constitution has given right of freedom to marry with any person of any religion and through run away marriage couple  fulfill their desire of marriage .

The runaway marriage has some adverse effects like increasing the incidents of honor  killing. Thus it’s more important that those couple performing marriages like that  should  be highly protected. Here we are discussing  about the protection of life and  liberty of a couple who solemnize marriage against the wishes of their parents or who  planning to run from the house for getting the marriage, hence face threat to life.

Best Court Marriage Advocate In Gurgaon.