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Best Court Marriage Advocate In Ghaziabad

Best Court Marriage Advocate In Ghaziabad.Court Marriage in Ghaziabad are arranged according to the Special Marriage Act, 1954. Court Marriage can be solemnized between a male and female of any caste and religion. Even for foreigner couple Court Marriage is also the best option. Procedure of the Court Marriage is very simple and easy. All the rituals and traditions are followed by Court Marriage, so that it may be valid in everywhere in the world and all sections of the society. Court Marriage rituals are very different from the traditional marriage. All can easily apply for the Court Marriage, it’s very easy process. Registration of Court Marriage is must to make it valid. After the completion of marriage a marriage certificate is given to couples as a valid proof to show if required.Thus in Court Marriage all the formalities must be completed to give a solid protection to married couples.


They are:

No Previous Marriage Valid: Neither party should have a living husband or wife. Any previous marriage should no longer be valid.

Valid Consent: Both parties should be competent to give valid consent. The parties should be capable of speaking their mind and entering into marriage of their own will.

Age: The male must have completed 21 years and the female 18 years of age.

Fit for Procreation: Neither of party should be unfit for procreation of children.

Prohibited Relationship: Parties should not be within degrees of prohibited relationship as provided in Schedule I; however, if the customs and traditions of the religion of any one of the parties permit so,then it shall be valid.

An advocate will help couples to:

1. Perform the marriage.

2. Obtain the marriage certificate.

3. File protection of life and liberty in the High Court.

4. Obtain the protection order from the High Court.

5. The couple can now live in their area as the police are duty bound to protect suchcouples after the High Court order.

6. Police will not be able to register any false case against them as those can be easily turned down by the High Court.

7. Police will also help to find a way to compromise and patch things up between you and your parents.

Best Court Marriage Advocate In Ghaziabad.