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Same Day Marriage Registration In Delhi

Same Day Marriage Registration In Delhi.With mutual consent and support, certain rituals are performed between bride and groom families and a new relationship is formed. The term that defines this mutual understanding and union of two people and their families is known as wedding . It is considered as a beginning of a journey lived together by a couple through ups and downs.A reason why couple may seek quick and easy way of tying the knot. Same day court marriage registration is the best option available for such people. It is helpful in obtaining official legal document that demonstrate solemnization of wedding between boy whose age is not less than 21 years and girl whose age is not less than 18 years.

Best Same Day Marriage Registration In Delhi

Procedure for Same Day Court Marriage – Same day wedding in court are meant for those who wants to get married the very same day due to some urgency or other reasons. The procedure is simple as bride and groom has to visit the city’s marriage registration office and file a notice for the court procedure. This notice should be a complete document that list details such as bride and groom’s name, date of birth and their passport size photos. This notice is then put on the notice board of registrar’s office for 30 days as a declaration of intended wedding. During this period if anyone want to object against the relationship, the particular person can visit the registrar officer and file a complaint with proper evidences that proves the objections to stop the marriage.

The Hindu Marriage Act is applicable in cases where both husband and wife are Hindus, Buddhists, Jains or Sikhs, or where they have converted into any of these religions. In this process is to apply to the sub-registrar under whose jurisdiction the marriage has been solemnised, or either party to the marriage has been residing.

The person filing objection complaint can mention reasons such as either bride or groom is already married to other person or both are already married to other persons, or bride/groom’s age is below legal age of marriage in India. All these objections must be verified personally by the registrar with concrete evidences to reject marriage certificate application.Same Day Marriage Registration In Delhi.