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Best Court Marriage Advocate In Bangalore

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Eligibility for court marriage

Individuals from any religion can opt for a court marriage. The law is clear about it. You can belong to the same religion or two different religions. It does not affect the process of court marriage.Moreover, the law says that any two persons can get married under this act. The condition is they should fulfill the eligibility criteria. This means that it is not compulsory to be an Indian citizen for getting married under this Act.

Objections and investigation

If the marriage officer receives an objection, he will record it in the notice book. He will then investigate the objection. If he feels that the objection does not come in the way of marriage, he can go ahead and perform the marriage.

If the marriage officer finds the objection to be valid, he can refuse to solemnize the marriage.

In any case, he cannot take more than 30 days to arrive at a decision.

In case of refusal, the couple can appeal to the district magistrate within 30 days of such decision.

Best Court Marriage Advocate In Bangalore.