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Court Marriage In Firozabad

Court Marriage In Firozabad.If, you are one of them who is looking for the best company for Marriage Registration in Firozabad that can help them out to get the benefits of Marriage Registration in India, then you are surely at the right place. We are here to help you in all the way and let you get the certification from the court in Firozabad an easier way for your marriage. Undoubtedly, the certification is a legal proof for the couples that they are married.Court Marriage means solemnizing a marriage according to the law. Couples may opt for a court marriage due to various reasons. One common reason in India is marrying against the wishes of family. Another reason is to avoid the hefty expenses on a big fat wedding. A court marriage keeps things simple and economical.

Best Court Marriage In Firozabad

Legal requirement of Court Marriage:-

  1. Marriage Certificate is a legal document which is now a necessity in many city of India according to new amendment in law
  2. Marriage certificate is priceless proof of marriage
  3. Beside a legal document it’s make sure both Bride and Groom, that they can not marry second time and if it is done there is strict law in Indian Penal code to Fine and jail the defaulter party.
  4. Marriage certificate can sort out many problems such as wife required address proof for various purposes.
  5. If you are migrating to another country and if you want to call your spouse too than you have to prove with legal document about your marriage i.e. Marriage certificate.
  6. Marriage certificate is useful for addition of spouse name on your passport, visa purpose, PR and many more things.


No Previous Marriage Valid: Neither party should have a living husband or wife. Any previous marriage should no longer be valid.

Valid Consent: Both parties should be competent to give valid consent. The parties should be capable of speaking their mind and entering into marriage of their own will.

Age: The male must have completed 21 years and the female 18 years of age.

Fit for Procreation: Neither of party should be unfit for procreation of children.

Prohibited Relationship: Parties should not be within degrees of prohibited relationship as provided in Schedule I; however, if the customs and traditions of the religion of any one of the parties permit so, then it shall be valid.

Court Marriage In Firozabad.