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Marriage Registration In Delhi

Marriage Registration In Delhi.Marriage certificate is a legal document evidencing marriage that has taken place between a bride and a groom. Marriage certificate can prove to be useful while applying for many other government documents after marriage like PAN, Passport and Visa. In this article we look at the procedure for marriage certificate in Delhi and the documents required and charges. Marriage Registration in Delhi is done under Normal & Tatkal scheme marriage certificate will be issued at the end of the process.
Delhi (Compulsory Registration of Marriage) Order, 2014 will be applicable to all marriages solemnized in Delhi irrespective of caste, creed and religion of the brides and grooms.

Best Marriage Registration In Delhi


1.Certificate of marriage is a document, which provides valuable evidence of marriage;

2.Certificate of marriage is a document providing social security, self-confidence particularly among married women;

3.Certificate of marriage is useful in getting the visa for the wife/husband.

4.It will be helpful in claiming the Bank deposits or Life Insurance benefits when the depositee or the Insurer dies without a nomination or otherwise.


  • The parties have to file a Notice of Intended Marriage in the specified form to the Marriage Registrar of the district in which at least one of the parties to the marriage has resided for a period of not less than 30 days immediately preceding the date on which such notice is given.
  • The notice is then published/put-up by the Registrar of Marriage inviting objections, if any.
  • After the expiration of 30 days from the date on which notice of intended marriage has been published, the marriage may be solemnized unless it has been objected by any person.
  • The marriage may be solemnized at the specified Marriage Office.
  • Both parties along with three witnesses are required to be present on the date of registration/Solemnization.


  • Application form completed in all respect and signed by both Husband & Wife.
  • Proof of residence (Voter I-card/Ration card).
  • Separate affidavit in prescribed format from Husband & Wife.
  • Date of birth proofs of both parties (10th Class certificate, Date of birth certificate).
  • Two passport size photograph of Husband and Two Passport Size Photograph of Wife and one photo of marriage.
  • Marriage invitation card if available.
  • Original copy of divorce decree/order in case of a divorcee and death certificate of spouse in case of widow/widower.
  • In case one of the parties belong to other than Hindu Budhist, Jain and Sikh religions, a conversion certificate from the priest who solemnized the marriage ( in case of Hindu Marriage Act).
  • In case applicant is a foreign national, a NO Objection Certificate in original from the concerned High Commission to be submitted along with the application form.
  • If marriage was solemnized in a religious place, a certificate from the priest is required who solemnized the marriage.
  • Marriage Registration In Delhi.