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Court Marriage In Jodhpur

Court Marriage In Jodhpur.Court marriage certificate is an important evidence or proof of legal and valid marriage certificate. You can use it as a Govt. identity proof. In case, when you face any problem between your spouses in future, you can legally take an action against him or her. For this purpose you have to do some procedure and follow some legal way to do this all event. For this common procedure you have to submit your all details information or document which is required to complete these formalities.We provide expert guidance for marriage registration, marriage certificate and conducting court marriages. Our tremendous experience and expertise has made us one of the most sought after service providers for marriage registration, marriage certificate, and marriage advice.

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This certificate provides a valuable evidence of marriage. This document will also provide you a social security and self confidence. This document plays an important and vital role, when you need visa for husband and wife.This certificate is very helpful to get life insurance benefit. Overall we can say that this is a rule that all marriages have to be registered or not. If you have registered marriage document, means you both couple is legally husband-wife. No one can claim socially or mentally.

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Benefits Of Marriage Registration:-

  • Certificate of marriage registration is helpful in getting the visa for the wife/husband. Foreign countries do not recognize ceremonial marriages they require a proof of marriage for the visa process
  • Certificate of marriage provides valuable evidence of marriage, in legal disputes between husband and wife like divorce, dowry, maintenance and other cases. It can be used as proof of marriage.
  • It will be useful while claiming for the Bank deposits, life insurance, etc.
  • The marriage certificate ensures that the bride and groom are of legal age for marriage
  • Certificate of marriage can work as a legal proof while obtaining passport and other primary documents
  • It also helps while applying for loan
  • Availing Tax exemptions, Medical reimbursement, housing and employment benefits
  • The certificate helps one to Receive social security, Medicare and disability benefits from the government
  • With the marriage certificate the process of spouse’s property inheritance in case of death get easy and clear
  • Court Marriage In Jodhpur.