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Court Marriage In Patiala House

Court Marriage In Patiala House .Court Marriage in Patiala House is a very popular alternative for couples who want to keep their marriage affair simple and economical or with inter-religion/inter-caste background. It also acts as a sanctuary for couples going against the wishes of their family members. Unlike traditional marriage where numerous rituals and customs are followed, Court marriage is fairly a simple procedure, performed before a marriage registrar and few witnesses.
The Special Marriage Act, 1954 has laid down the concept of Court Marriage. It provides for marriage between couples belonging to different religion, caste or creed or nationality, by way of civil ceremony. It also solemnizes and registers a marriage, at the same time.

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What are the documents required for ‘Registration of Marriage’?

  • Signed Application form for registration by both the parties
  • Passport sized photos of both & 1 marriage photograph
  • Proof of Date of Birth by the married parties
  • Proof of Residence as per the specified list of acceptable documents
  • Proof of Marriage – Certificate from priest who solemnized the marriage
  • Proof of conversion, if any of the two parties is a convert (certificate from priest)
  • Affidavit by both the parties declaring the truthfulness about their aforementioned particulars
  • Affirmation that both parties are not related to each other within the specified prohibited relationships
  • Copy of divorce decree/ death certificate of deceased former spouse, as applicable.
  • Benefits of Court Marriage

    Court Marriage is recognized and authorized by law.  It is as valid as a traditional marriage. Court marriage is open for people of all religion, caste and creed. It is a preferred way of getting married in most love marriages, inter religious marriages. Any Individual who is  of 21 years of age  in case of boys and 18 years of  age in case of girls can opt for court marriage.

    Court Marriage unlike traditional marriages is free from the glitz and glamour of traditional marriages and is less time consuming. It is not mandatory to invite plenty of guests.  Only presence of  few witnesses is required to complete the marriage in the presence of marriage registar.

    What are the necessary documents required for Court Marriage?

    • Application Form for Marriage in prescribed format along with specified fees
    • Passport size Photos of Bride and Bridegroom
    • Residential proof of the parties to the marriage
    • Proof of Date of Birth of both the parties
    • Address Proof and PAN Card of all the 3 witnesses
    • Death Certificate/Divorcee (optional)- in case either of the parties had former marriage history
    • Court Marriage In Patiala House.