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Marriage Certificate Agents in Delhi

Marriage Certificate Agents in Delhi.Although people in India are not aware about the importance of a marriage certificate allotted by the local municipal corporation and generally ignore the significance of marriage certificate as a mandatory document. In India Marriage certificate in considered as a very vital document to provide a legal identification to your marriage and your legal marital status. The significance of a marriage certificate increases manifold if the women has applied for divorce and she want to claim her share in her husband’s property, alimony and other benefits as per legal conventions of Indian constitution.

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A few documents are required to be submitted to along with marriage registration form:-

  • A conversion certificate from the concerned religious organization or the priest: In case either husband or wife doesn’t belong to Sikh, Jain, Hindu or Buddhist or made a conversion to any of the religion before marriage.

  • Age proof of both husband and wife (Birth Certificate/ Matriculation Certificate/Passport/Pan card) certifying that they have completed the age of marriage at the time of marriage as per Indian law: Age of marriage for male is 21 Yrs and for female is 18 yrs.

  • Proof of residence for both which may include voting card/ Passport/ Aadhar Card/ Postpaid Connection Bill/Rent Agreement. For registration in Delhi, It is mandatory for husband or wife to have a residence proof.
  • 3 passport size color photographs of husband and wife each with one additional marriage photograph certifying the marriage.
  • Certificate from the concerned embassy certifying the present marital status in case either husband or wife relates for foreign country. A valid copy of visa is also supposed to be submitted for the same.
  • If applicable, a certified copy of divorce or death certificate of the spouse is also required in case of widow or widower.
  • If wife wants to change the surname then, a joint affidavit duly attested by notary public and sworn by husband and wife regarding surname change is required to be submitted.
  • A certificate issued by a gazetted officer certifying that the marriage has been solemnized by the given person. The issuing person is supposed to be present at the time of marriage registration as a witness.
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