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Love Marriage Specialist In Delhi

Love Marriage Specialist In Delhi.People say that love is the only feeling which we can’t describe in words it is only described by emotions. Love connects two individual personalities together for a lifetime. When a person falls in love than caste, color, religion, the age of their partner have no meaning. Every person wants to experience this feeling in life. After love, some people be getting married but few have to face some problems in their love life or in their love marriage. If you are losing hope to get married to the person of your own choice, then take help from our love marriage specialist in Delhi and get solution.

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Love Marriage Specialist | What are problems couples generally face in Love marriage?

Love marriage is not so common in India though India has some very beautiful love stories in history. The main reason for this is our thinking. People here are still having orthodox thinking. No matter how hard you try to fail to convince them if this is the case with you too then it’s time to turn up to  astrologer. Before going any further let us see what are the various reasons responsible for problems in your love marriage these are mentioned below. Why parents generally say no to love marriage?

Here is the answer:

  • The main reason for big No from parents and family for love marriage is inter-religion. If your lover belongs to other relation chance are more that no one will accept your marriage.
  • The second main reason for the rejection of family is age. If the age difference between you and your partner is more than there will be No from your family.
  • And the third reason is the difference between the family status if among a couple one is rich and another one is more than their parents will disagree with their marriage.

What are the necessary documents required for Court Marriage?

  • Application Form for Marriage in prescribed format along with specified fees
  • Passport size Photos of Bride and Bridegroom
  • Residential proof of the parties to the marriage
  • Proof of Date of Birth of both the parties
  • Address Proof and PAN Card of all the 3 witnesses
  • Death Certificate/Divorcee (optional)- in case either of the parties had former marriage history

Love Marriage Specialist In Delhi.